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козина-ферма2Do you like cheese? No, no, no rush, but only listen. Cheeeeee-se … crottin … a small cylinder formed piece, soft, with a thin silky crust or covered with ashes that melts in your mouth and becomes a racy bit on the tongue.
Or byush … soft, even creamy, a crust from a room temperature barely melted. Light, as soft, as butter… tastes perfectly with gem, especially with a quince gem…

Or tomet. Solid, heavy. Six months he persevered. Spicy taste. And the smell of it…

козина-ферма1Well, let’s talk? So, you like cheese?
If you couldn´t resist it, you are one of us. We go to Mr. Bernard Willem — Belgian, cheese-maker in the third generation, who started 10 years ago with his farm in the village Dmytrovychi not far from Lviv. And now it´s a real factory where they make cheese, which can not be possibly found in shops or supermarkets.
Made by French technology from a delicate fresh goat milk, directly on the goat farm in the perfect purity, where each goat is perfectly groomed. Hardly milked, cooled, soured for one day, placed in molds, filtered, salted, seasoned, marinated in oil with Provence herbs. And here you have feta, which I am sure you have not ever tried yet. Or well-seasoned crottin with Provence herbs. Or pasteurized at 72 degrees goat milk.
козина ферма4All the products are being obtained under the label “bio”. More impressive then love, with which cheese is being made here, can be only hospitality of Mr Bernard, who is equally happy to accept presidents of Ukraine and international delegations, and from now on tourists wishing to enjoy this miracle. We offer you a glimpse into the cheese factory, where you can see firsthand, even more — taste a product which is France famous for and now our land is proud of.
козина-ферма3We leave in the morning, just at the time of milking goats. And then, right on the farm, you will be offered a glass of warm goat milk. Then dishes are being served, where, besides cheese a glass of good wine and Lardy — slices of cheese, rolled into dried and lightly smoked salo. And bread – homemade, racy. And chorizo — spicy sausage by original recipe.
Do you know what is the most beautiful in this tour? That besides the sense of fullness and lightness from being in the fresh air,in the end you feel yourself surprised, that one can love his job, like the Willem family does, and how rich and rewarding our land can be.
козина-ферма6But the farm is worth visiting not only for the sake of tasting fresh dairy products. It is a great fun for all, especially for children, to see a large number of different animals. This is the only place in Ukraine, where there is such a significant number of goats. But despite the variety of types of goats, there are still cows and bulls that graze in the fields around the clock, and cute donkeys that will not leave anyone indifferent.
But the farm does not stop there. Soon visitors will be able to visit a recreational complex.
In order to book the tour in advance please contact Market Square, 29 info-center “in Andreolli’s passage”.
So what, let’s go to France?

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