Blue eye of the Transcarpathian

This is rather sightseeing tour then an informative one. So if you´re looking for a quiet, peaceful place to relax and be alone, this tour into the heart of Transcarpathian nature, to the “blue eye” of Transcarpathian – lake Synevyr with its crystal water and fresh mountain air is exactly what you are looking for.
We leave at 7 a.m. There´s a planned coffee-stop In Stryi. In two hours we approach the first point of the tour – mountain Hemba, which we get on with a funicular. Hemba is one of the highest mountains of Borzhava. Its height is 1498 meter. Even from there by a sunny weather you can see the waterfall Shypit, which is the second point of our program.
300 meters away from the rope rode is the waterfall Shypit, one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. It´s not so high – 14 meters. But the view is really impressive, because of the five cascades of the waterfall.
The next our stop is the lake Synevyr. First we have a dinner in one the local authentic restaurants near the lake, where you can taste some dishes of the local cuisine.
Then we go to the lake. If the surface of the water is calm, you´ll be able to see two kinds of fish – minnow and char. The lake is surrounded by an architecture ensemble of ukrainian original wooden houses – kolyba.
On the way back we stop in the village Kolchava, called also “the village of ten museums and twenty monuments”, in the village “Stare Selo” with its 300 years old artifacts of various origin.
In the late evening we take the road back to Lviv, making fantastic photos of the setting sun.
At approximately 23 p.m. we arrive back in Lviv.

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