Castles of Lviv region

Price Tour:
350 uah
The duration of the tour: 9:00-18:00
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олеськоCastles of Lviv region are one of the major tourist attractions outside the city. Their beautiful architecture, mystical history and scenic landscape have always attracted people.

Price per person (adult/children): 350/300 UAH* (+  entrance tickets).

Entrance tickets (children/student/adult):

  • 15/30/60 UAH – Olesko Castle
  • 15/30/50 UAH – Pidhirtsi Castle
  • 15/60/90 UAH – Zolochiv Castle


*You join group with Ukrainian speaking guide (we provide you with printed information in English/ Polish language).

Start at 8:40 a.m. – Halytska Square, near the monument to King Danylo Halytskyi. You can buy tickets for tour (in advance) in our office  at Rynok Square, 29 (the office is located in the courtyard).

Trip duration: 9:00 – 18:00.

Olesko Castle is probably the most famous castle in Lviv region, revived from complete ruins. The first mention dates back t o 1327, while an old Rus Fortress had already stood on a hill. There is an interesting fact that Jan III Sobieski was born in this castle, the winner of the battle near Vienna in 1683.

підгірціPidhirtsi Castle is an architectural monument of the Renaissance. The castle was constructed during 1635-1640 under the guidance of an architect Andrea del Aqua according to an order of the crown hetman Stanislaw Konetzpolski. It is one of the European best examples of the Renaissance palace and its combination with bastion fortifications. Its ensemble includes a three-storey palace, an inner yard, St. Joseph church and a “French” park. In 1720 the castle was passed to the family Zhevuski who turned it into a real museum.

Золочів0Zolochiv Castle since its construction has served as a fortress, a royal residence, a landlord’s farmstead, a jail and even as an educational institution. It was constructed on Jakub Sobieski funds (father of King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Jan III Sobieski) in 1634 as a defensive fortress designed by an unknown Italian architect.


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Дуже сподобався тур, враження незабутні. Дуже дякую!


Дуже дякуємо гіду Галі за чудову розповідь про золоту підкову Львівщини 14.05.19.
Дуже сподобалась як екскурсія, так і Галя!!!!