Excursion Legends of Lviv

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350 uah
The duration of the tour: 2
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підземелляIn 1527 there was a great fire in the city, so all archives were burned down. According to that, stories about life of citizens were retold from parents to children, from neighbors to neighbors, from friends to friends and so on. Stories about Lviv sometimes were sad, sometimes romantic, curious, criminal, frightening and mysterious, but now all of them create great atmosphere, which impress you.

One of the stories says about huge Lion, who saved people from insatiable Dragon, this story tells us about the beginning of city foundation. Another one is about monk who sold his soul to the devil and now his ghost walks around the streets, so be careful not to be caught by him.

Duration – 2 hours.
Price –from 400 UAH/hour per person. Мinimum duration – 2 hours.


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