Excursion Lviv under the Polish rule

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The duration of the tour: 2
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Музей-арсеналAll most 450 years Lviv was under the Polish rule, during this period Lviv received a lot of changes. Lviv strengthen its fortifications and rebuilt the city center. Lwów, as it was called in Poland, attracted a lot of Polish artists, which left after them beautiful architectural monuments, paintings and musical compositions. Poland made a major contribution to the culture of Western Ukraine, because of that two cultures and traditions mixed in our city. During the excursion we visit the main Polish shrine, Bandinelli Palace, Arsenal, see one of the most beautiful monuments in the world of Adam Mitskevich – Polish writer; theatre, that was included into a three of the biggest theaters of Europe in XIX century. We’ll mention old names of streets and people, which lived at that period.

  • Duration of excursion — 2 hours.
  • Price in English language (individual excursion)  from 400 UAH per hour. Minimum order – 2 hours.


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