Transcarpathian Cheese and Wine Tour

Price Tour:
895 uah
The duration of the tour: 2 дні
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Сировинний1Schonborn Palace, Mukachevo, Berehovo (pools and wine), Nyzhne Selysche (tasting), Synevyr Lake, Shypit Waterfall Carpathian Mountains, castles, wine, cheese, all the best to offer friendly Transcarpathia are waiting for you when you visit this tour.

Tour plan:

1st day (Saturday): departure from Lviv (07:45) – Health resort ”Carpathians”, Schonborn Palace (excursion) – Mukachevo (excursion around the castle and lunch) – Beregovo (swimming in thermal pools, wine tasting) – Beregovo district (accommodations in the Hungarian green tourism estates).

2nd day (Sunday): breakfast and departure (08:00) – Nyzhne Selysche (cheese tasting) – Synevyr Lake (walk excursion and lunch) – Pylypets (Shypit Waterfall) – Lviv (return at 22:30).

сировинний2You will find:

acquaintance with the history, customs, culture and religion of the five ethnic groups in Transcarpathia: Boyko, Lemko, Hungarians, Gypsies, Ruthenians;

best dishes Boiko, Hungarian, Lemko cuisines;

сировинний-тур-2most outstanding historical monuments of the land: Schonborn Palace, Mukachevo Castle, the historic center Beregovo, panoramic view Vinogradov Castle, Korolevo Castle and Khust Castle;

beauty of the Carpathian mountains, Synevyr Lake, Shypit Waterfall, the opportunity to take photo in the picturesque place of the Carpathian Mountains, swimming in Beregovo thermal pool;

tasting different kind of ecological cheese, which is made by Swiss technology in Selysche dairy;

tasting the best vintage wine in Transcarpathian ancient wine cellars and tasting wine of private owners Beregovo district.


синевирPrice per person: 495 UAH (+ entrance tickets)

Start at 7:30 a.m. (Rynok Square, 29, courtyard)

Trip duration: 2 days/1 night.

Price includes:

comfortable bus travel, accommodation, guide accompaniment, excursions to tourist sites, travel insurance.

водоспаду-ШипітPrice DOES NOT include:

tickets to tourist sites, food, tasting cheese and wine.

Tickets to tourist sites:

Schonborn Palace – 5 UAH,

Mukachevo Castle – 10 UAH,

Beregovo thermal pool – 50 UAH,

wine tasting – 40 UAH,

excursion without tasting – 20 UAH,

cheese tasting – 25 UAH,

Synevyr Lake– 10 UAH,

Shypit Waterfall – 3 UAH.

Accommodation and Food Services:

Берегово-3Accommodation is in comfortable houses the green tourism (Berehove district): double rooms and triple rooms with toilet and shower. We recommend to order dinner and breakfast. Dinner consists of Hungarian cuisine dishes: bob-at Kettle goulash, Hungarian cabbage rolls, Hungarian sweets and wine (40 UAH/Person), breakfast – the usual European (20 UAH/Person).

Lunch in the Saturday is in Mukachevo (the restaurant “Riviera”) and consists of dishes Lemko-Mukachevo cuisine – 45 UAH/Person.

Lunch in the Sunday is in the restaurant near Synevyr Lake and consists of the best dishes Boiko cuisine – 55 UAH/Person.

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