One day trip to Poland

Price :
650 uah
The duration of the tour: 1 день
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Have you ever been to Poland? Have you ever seen magnificent landscapes of Polish Provinces, majestic castles and palaces, cozy cobblestoned streets and romantic villas? Have you ever sat in old Polish cafe and eaten Polish traditional dishes with aromatic drinks? If you would like to, let’s go with us! We show you most picturesque towns and villages of south-eastern Poland! And of course, we can’t imagine Poland without shopping. So you will have enough time to buy something for you or your friends.
7:00 AM – departure from Lviv
Екскурсія до Польщі на 1 день10:30 AM – approximate arrival to the city Lancut. It is a town in south-eastern Poland that is famous for its architecture and saved Medieval and Renaissance churches. The main sight and the adornment of the city is The Łańcut Castle, sometimes people call it the Potocki Palace. The Castle was built in 1629 – 1641 in the park area of the city in very cozy and silent place.
Duration of excursion in the castle – 2 hours and 30 minutes
Екскурсія до Польщі на 1 день3:00 PM – approximate arrival to the village Krasiczyn. The most beautiful attraction of the village is Krasiczyn Castle that is decorated with 4 towers, sculptures, loggias, arcades and unique wall decoration – sgraffito . Annually on its territory a lot of jousts, musical and movie festivals, art exhibitions and photographic exhibitions took place.
Duration of excursion in the castle – 1 hour
Экскурсия в Польшу на 1 день4:30 PM – approximate arrival to Przemysl – city in the south-eastern Poland, one of the most ancient cities of Galicia, sometimes it is called Galician Athens. The city has old story and during its existence it was a part of Kievan Rus and the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia. Today Przemysl has 66,756 inhabitants, 4 thousand of which are Ukrainians. So, here are Ukrainian school of Markiyan Shashkevych and Palace of Culture. Also, The festival of Ukrainian culture is annually held here. The real architectural prides of Przemysl are The Castle, built by Casimir III the Great and Przemyśl Fortress.
Duration of excursion in the castle – 1 hour
Free time for shopping in shopping center “Tesco” (2 hours)
8:00 PM – returning to Lviv
12:00 AM – approximate arrival to Lviv.

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The price of one day trip – 450 UAH + from 45 PLN entrance tickets.

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