Еxcursion Tustan rocks and Kamyanka waterfall

Price Tour:
350 uah
The duration of the tour: 9:00-19:00
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Tustan rocks. Kamyanka waterfall.

Kamyanka waterfall. It is a monument of geology, located on Kamyanka river, 550 m above the sea level. The waterfall was formed as a result of breaking the mountain range. The height of the cascade is almost 7 m. It is divided by rocky ledges into two main parts — the higher and the lower ones.

Tustan fortress. The original wooden fortifications dates back to the 9th century. The wooden structure was built into ancient rock formations to protect the borders of Kievan Rus’ from wild hordes. The fortress also served as a customs point along the Silk Road between China and Portugal that provided . Tustan is wooden fortification complex that has no analogues in Europe. The original wooden fortifications were built in the IX century. They did not preserve till nowadays, simply because the wooden castles of those times did not survive anywhere else. Nowadays, you can visit the festival of medieval culture , music and tradition that take place here in summer.

  • Price (adult/children)*  — 350/ 300 UAH + entrance tickets.
  • Entrance tickets:
  • 42 UAH – “Tustan -historical and cultural reserve”.
  • 6 UAH – Kamyanka waterfall.

*You join group with Ukrainian speaking guide (we provide you with printed information in English/ Polish language).

  • Start at 8:45 a.m. (Rynok Square, 29, in courtyard)
  • Trip duration — 9:00–19:00

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