Excursion Musketeers in Lviv

Price Tour:
250 uah
The duration of the tour: 3
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Excursion to LvivHave you ever seen the movie “Three musketeers”? If you answer is: “Yes, I did”, we propose you to visit the different streets with unique architecture and history where the most popular musketeers ( D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, Aramis) walked, fought and fell in love. During this excursion you will visit the Armenian quarter with Armenian Cathedral ensemble, Dominican Cathedral,the Boim’s chapel, Bernardines monastery complex, the Scientist Society premises, the Royal and city arsenals, etc.

So, join us for interesting “journey” with musketeers!

  • Price – from 300 UAH per hour for individual tourists ( 1-5 person).
  • Durationfrom 2 hours.

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